Exhibition booked with Damian Leigh, dust sheet not required!!!

It's all about the 4th of June

After not exhibiting at all last year I finally feel ready to exhibit my new work. I took last year out from exhibitions to concentrate on the new style of work I've been producing and feel like this is the right time to start showing what's been occupying 90% of my time.

I know June 4th sounds a long way off but if you could see all the things I have to do to make sure my work's ready to be hung, you'd think I'd be lucky to have it ready by then, but fingers crossed.

I'm nearly ok with exhibiting alongside Damian, I still find it pretty daunting as he's a truly amazing artist, but I'm trying not to be so hard on myself, we'll each bring something different to the exhibition.....Damian will bring the talent and I'll bring the buffet!!!

In the coming weeks we'll be meeting up to plan the mother of all exhibitions (totally over the top statement, but what the hell) we've got a lot to plan and organise. It can't be advertised any worse than one of my previous exhibitions : A painted dust sheet on the back of my parent's car outside the venue.....Never a good way to advertise, but what can you do eh?