If I can get round to mounting and framing a lot of work there's a real chance of exhibiting alongside Damian Leigh in the not too distant future.

Joint exhibition is on the cards

Since meeting Damian at the Pawlett Arts Festival earlier in the year I've been bowled over by his talent and passion for his craft. Back in the Summer he suggested we exhibit together but me being me, felt I wasn't good enough to show alongside him (check out his work on my Links page if you don't believe me!!) We met up recently and although my opinion still stands, I decided it could be a good thing to do. I have to mount and frame a lot of work before we exhibit together which is why I can't give a definite date for this show, but I have a strong feeling that it will definitely happen. It will be my first joint exhibition and I'm happy that it's with such an amazing artist and a top bloke too (I'll supply the doughnuts Damian).

I haven't exhibited this year for several reasons. The main one being that I've taken this year to build up a body of work that I'm really proud of. Don't get me wrong I love all my older pieces, but I didn't want to exhibit the same paintings again and again. My work has taken on many new directions that I couldn't have forseen at the start of the year. My current love of collaging has surprised me and my Cowboy phase surprised many, most of all myself-I didn't see that coming!! That's the beauty of keeping myself open to new ideas and directions, I never know where I'm going to end up. I even bought an engraving machine the other week so watch this space.

I'll keep you posted on the exhibition and what I'm up to. Keep your eyes open in the New artwork gallery as I'm going to be flooding it with pieces that are just waiting to be mounted and framed.

Thanks to my Uncle Jim for prompting me to write on my News section, all that hinting finally paid off eh?