Feel free to leave me a message and I'll put it on my guestbook page, if I can figure out how to do that!!!! Thank you.

New work

Loved the new artwork, some of the 'comments' are so funny but so true. Never doubt your talent for one second......


Hi Sally

Hope you are ok.. Have been thinking of you for ages ... U work is amazing as ever u really are a talented individual.

Call me and we can catch up x


Fun, Sexy, Witty, Bright, Humorous, Colourful, Poignant, And Your Paintings Are Great Too..!

Jim x

Jim Heath
Cheshire 2012
Jim Heath

new stuff

hi Sally, great new paintings, love the lacock abbey one, just brilliant.. you just do get better each time...
kevin m

Staylor Art

Absolutely love your work and thrilled to bits to have it in my shop 'Labelled With love crafty Locals' in Highbridge, Somerset. Really hope it flys off the shelf for you (well not fly eek, but sells really well haha) :)x
Nic Noad

Good to see you!

Hello darling,
It was so lovely seeing you again after so very long. You look so vibrant and stunning my love! Thank you again for all the gifts; the children absolutely love them! I'm blown away by your talent and successes, may you continue to prosper and bask in every joyous success in life and in art.

Please convey my warmest wishes to your parents, I'm very sorry to have missed seeing hem. Hopefully next time I'm in Somerset.

Take care, sugar-pie and I'll be in touch soon.


Hello Sally,
I was just looking at your website and my goodness, you are well talented! I hope you and your parents are well and in good health. I hope to also catch up with you when you are down in London. Loads of love. xxx
Your adopted Mum (Aisha)

Nice to c u today

It was great to c u today pls send me your mobile so we can keep intouch many thanks John xxx
John Hunt your bus driver friend

new stuff

wow Sally, you certainly just get better and better, love your new stuff, great and funny, i do like the one called feeding time, really good use off colour and light...
Kev x

your art

sally, I have enjoyed looking at your art this morning you are a very talented person.

Best wishes David (manager of Lidl)

Your work

Hi it's your friendly webberbus driver, Liked ur work very much. Looking forward to seeing more pls
John Hunt

Your work

Hi Sal,
Love your work. Particularly like you landscapes and swans. Believe in yourself, you're very talented. Speak soon.


I have just been browsing through your new paintings and have fallen head over heels in love with - Behind My Painted Smile. Wow, Sally it is amazing. I mean truly amazing and so breath taking and inspiring. It would make a great poster. It is so striking and bold and bright. I love the look of the piece and the colours. It is awesome. Oh to have that on the wall - amazing!!!!!!

Special Place is also really great. It really looks like a piece of impressionist art work. I love the whole look and feel of the piece.

I love your cowboy paintings also Sally with Half Man, Half Wit being my favourite the mans facial features are so full of character and interest. There is so much life and expression in his face.
Sara Hunt


Love the cowboys Sally.
Your gallery just keeps on getting better - well done
Mum and Dad

new stuff

Hi Sally, love your new pieces and sketches, all very good, i see you have one titled the perfect gentleman.. about me is it lol!!!!!
great stuff.
Love Kev

your work

My oldest, craziest, friend

I've finally managed to look at all your paintings on this site so far, & I'm proud to have someone so talented as my friend. Your work is fantastic-expect a huge list of commissions from me! My favourites have to be Dilemma & Pisco.

Loads of love to you & the family

Sarah xxxx


its yur old uncle again just shown a friend your art work most impressed

yer mum

shes not that slim. your good kiddo see you soon

Gone Fishing

WOW, what an amazing piece of art work. It looks just right. So perfect. You got the fisherman spot on Sally. Well done!!!
Sara Hunt


The new layout for your Gallery looks great, well done Sally.
We love looking at your artwork and are always amazed at your talent. Keep on painting and creating.
Love Mum and Dad
Mum & Dad

'Tourism up in Burnham-On-Sea'

Sally I love this painting it is awesome - 'Tourism up in Burnham-On-Sea'. This is such an amazing painting.
Sara Hunt


Hi Sally, glad Dawn looked at your work, and liked it, and that she left you a comment.. how nice .. we talk about lots art to, as she says.. i told her you were brilliant artist.. and i admire you and your work lots x


Hi Sally, I'm a friend of Kev Moore's. We are regular pub buddies and talk about anything... Art included as its close to kev too.. He recommended I take a look at your site; Its taken me a while... but i'm glad I did... Love your work. The one's that appeal most to be are in the visual diary.. How so few words can mean so much!! Keep up the good work... u express many of my thoughts perfectly .... Thanks..Dawn
Dawn Ayres


I think that your paintings Colours 1,2 & 3 are brilliant, the colours are vibrant and it makes you want to pick the flowers for yourself. Never lose your love of experimenting, it is this that keeps you one step ahead of everyone else. Mum & Dad

new work

Hi Sally. love the sketches and new paintings etc, is the girl on the settee you by any chance?.. lol.. blooody brilliant, keep it up. x xx


hi, im really impressed by your paintings. gone through gallery superb keep it up

Your Gallery

Really enjoyed your Gallery & style of paintings.

new paintings

I really love the two new pictures that you have put in your gallery, it looks like you have taken an actual photograph inside someones home.
I look forward to seeing what comes next..........

new stuffffffffffff!!!

Hi Sally.. well love the new paintings, dilemma and perfect gent (me?!!!) lol.. as a fellow artist i think you are just improving every time i see your artwork.. maybe you`ll have to give me lessons hun!
I like your use of bright colours in the cartoon art i love to use bright colour myself, certainly see your personality in your work, and your great humour and sense of fun. keep it up darlin..
Lotsa love .
Kev. x x

new collage

Wow is that the new piece the ripped photo collage?.. and that is the big one you been working on?.. wow! not really into collages, but that is good, cant wait to see your next piece x


Well you just get better and better Sally, just keep it up babes.. i just want to buy one ... x x


Hi Sally, love the cartoon versions of yourself, really good... you have done some good new paintings. x

Your website

Hi Sally ... I'm one of your Dad's cousins (one of Jean & Val's children) - my sister & brother have beaten me to it I see. Great to see your work. I especially like the landscapes. You must keep very busy. How wonderful to have such talent. Keep up the good work.
Rosie Purcell & family
Rosemary Purcell

Sally's family

Hi from a cousin you've never met! I was a bridesmaid to your Aunty Sue and Uncle Ray. (One of Jean and Val's children). Lovely to look at your work and even better to see a message from Sue in USA.
janet singleton


Hi Sally. My Mother - Jean Hopkins has told me all about your fantastic web site. Im her son, so I think Im your 2nd cousin. So I've got a famous relative and we've never met?We all live in Chepstow still, where are you in Somerset? Hope I havent intruded? Roger Hopkins
Roger Hopkins

Radio and Artwork

Hi little sister, just thought I'd send you a quick message to once again let you know how proud I am of you and how wonderful your work is. Your recent works are fantastic. You really are an inspiration to your little neice, Alanna who loves doing her paintings nearly as much as you do. I think she may make more of a mess though!
What I could hear of the radio show was very entertaining, and is the start of bigger things to (deservedly) come to you. Although, it wasn't a patch on the radio shows we used to produce :-)
Well done Sally, keep it up.




We were very very proud of you on Sunday, no-one would guess that this was your very first radio interview. You were lovely, funny and charming - well done Sally lots of love Mum,Dad & Picasso.

Thank you for visiting 10Radio

Hi Sally

Great pleasure to meet you and your lovely parents on the Steve Coram show.

Knocked out by 2 things - your beauty and your amazing work on display on your web site.

Let me know if the 'muse' takes you and you can come up with something for our Auction of Promises on 10 December.

Would you like audio copy of the interview you did?

Best wishes


10Radio Development Manager
O: 01984 624137
M: 07889 074758
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LISTEN to 10Radio on 105.3 fm
Anton Matthews


I never thought the little girl at oak farm could paint like this. The first impression I get is the realism in each painting...Like a story is being told through each painting..Its just amazing. You need to put prices up so we can start buying these paintings.

New Gallery

Hi Sally,
I've just had another look at your new gallery. I can see why you would think it is too personal to appeal to other people but love - being in love, falling out of love, hearbreak - it's a universal theme. Your work is informed by your experience - the collages are beautiful and evoke emotions we can all share and identify with. Thank you for sharing. And thanks again for adding the link to new-exposure. You really are a very lovely lady.
Jim x
Jim Heath

new work

Wow Sally i`m most impressed, love all your work, your new stuff is very good, Brian `Plummy` Sewell is on his way to see your new work, he seems keen, so keen he ate a whole large milky bar i was sending you!!!!!
Keep it up Sweet.. your rather mad friend ...
Kevin xx
Kevin M

Anita-number one fan

Hi Hun,
Just want to say how fab the website looks, the paintings are beautiful I've always known your one of the most talented artist I've ever met and now everyone can see it
Love you

hi from nz

hi sally - your mum sent me your website address. wow, so impressed. you are very talented. hope your recent exhibition went well for you. laura looks just like the girl in your painting who is lying back on the bed, amazing! adam probably looks like .... ?? can't believe you guys live in somerset now. it was so nice to meet up with you all for drinks when we were in london awhile back. tell your mum i will email her soon to catch up. hello to all the family. love, sue and the slater tribe


great stuff there sally, so proud of ya.


Wow - what a stunning display

Hi I just walked past Burnham Library and saw your paintings.
'They look absolutely fab'
Well done - you have every reason to be very proud, and remember 'The only way is up'
best wishes
Theresa Norton


Hello Sally from Argyle, Texas also from a very proud aunt and uncle, it was lovely to look at your wonderful paintings you are so gifted. We both love the flowers especially Uncle Ray as his garden is his passion. Thank your Mum for the photos she sent Joanne was so pleased tobe able to see her cousin at last. Tell our Mum I will be writing to her also with some photos, we so look foward to looking at your website, and good luck with your exhibition. lots of love auntie sue and uncle ray
Susan Lincoln


Wow.. the painting i got is brilliant, you sure have talent, my friend Brian plummy, is well impressed!!!! love the work, from a fellow artist.
milky bar sheriff!!!!!

Your Work!

Sally, your work is so amazing! I can't stop looking at the paintings. My favourite is Alone II. It just draws you in. Well done, and keep it up.
Reena Mehta


well done sally, really good web site and look forward to the updates.
love from Valerie


Michael and Rosie send you congrats. on the work you have produced. Your work looks really good and we are very impressed with the volume of work, keep it up.
regards from the East.
Rosemary Cook

staylormade paintings

your paintings are on a par with the results of east fife, there is no higher praise i can give you. i am very proud not only of your work but also of your commitment and dedication. what ever success you have in your artistic career you deserve it. love dad and donut.


Hello. Do you draw / paint many animals / fantasy work as well?



Sally, I think all your work on here is really beautiful. I wish you the best of luck and keep up the multi skill of making webpages drunk too. :-), Gavin.

Gavin Wainwright


Oh, darling!

Your work is finer than it has ever been and now all the world can share in its brilliance. I'm delighted by this online gallery; may it have every success and long may you enjoy the same.

My best regards to your family,
God Bless,


Sally darling,

My sister told me she had a text from you abput your new website... I had a spare minute so I thought I'd check it out - what can I say other than WOW! Your work is amazing I really love it, I havent had too much time to look through it all but what I have seen is really great (& I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm Naseem's sister ;-P)
I guess I should send you a message on facebook or something but it seems to take so much time going through it all. Anyway, I think this is turning into a full on email so I'll take my leace now and let oyu get on.
Keep up the good work, its fantastic!
With all the love in the world,
MJ Amir

Hi and well done

Sam passed on your gallery and details.
Excellent works. In particular some of your landscapes. Let me know the date and location of your exhibition in April at Somerset.
All the best to your family,

Your website

Well done Sally, you have gone gobal! Its great we can all see your evolving art. We are very impressive. My favourites are (of course your Mum), the bottles and the yellow flowers. Keep at it and congratulations - I will be watching your develpment.
Tina Brooks


Hi ya Sally, just wanted to say WOW! I think all your paintings are absolutley fantastic!

Keep it going.

Best wishes
Dawn :o)


These are just lovely, I'll be placing my order soon x
grace connell


Great website for a great painter.



Hi Babes, well what can i say, just brilliant.. i see some influences of Lucien Freud, and Piccasso one of my fave`s, you are just excelent, better than some i`ve seen at tate modern.
Kev xxxxxxxxxxxx
Kevin Moore


Hi Sally,

Congratulations dear, this is awesome... I just happened to check ur message and came straight to ur website, some really nice collection though, think it will take me some time to go through... but well done, and congrats once again..

hope u are ok and excited about all this..

Xxxx Dazzy (missing ya)
Nitesh Bali


Hi Staylor,

I'm an artist from Manchester. I'm thinking about putting some stuff on the web so was checking out clikpic and came across your site. Anyway just wanted to say I really like your stuff and good luck with the exhibition.


Jim Heath


she looks absolutley beautiful, thank you for painting her for me.
I have told all my friends about this website and how very very proud of you I am, love you lots and lots.
Picasso says woof woof