Getting back to using a pencil....Again.

Back to basics

Over the last few days I've taken to using a simple pencil, it seems like a long time since I last sat down and just sketched. I've put a few of these sketches in the New Paintings Gallery, I'm not sure if they're what I was expecting when I first started, but I'm really pleased with the end results. I was fighting the temptation to skip the pencil and go straight for a thick black marker pen (which is my prefered choice of late). Even now I'm still tempted to get the marker pen out transform the sketches....

I've just noticed that I haven't written on here since June, time flies when you're trying out new ideas. Some of these ideas worked and some belly-flopped into artistic oblivion, but it's all part of the ride.

Just want to end with a big thank you to my next door neighbour Sue who gave me the flip-chart pads that have kick-started the whole pencil thing.