A mini joint exhibition with Damian Leigh before the 'Big One' on the 4th of June.

Two week exhibition booked: 16th of May - 28th of May

Although this upcoming two week exhibition is much longer than our single day in June, I feel that these two weeks in Burnham-on-Sea Library will be used mainly as a way of advertising the June exhibition. The space is limited so we're going to showcase a few of our paintings alongside a 4ft scantily clad 1950s pin-up girl promoting the upcoming exhibition. I've been working on the pin-up girl for a few days and am really pleased with her. My only concern is if I'm actually allowed to show her. When I booked the exhibition I had to agree to certain terms of what could and couldn't be shown in the library's window. I hope the pin-up girl is appropriate as it's unlike anything that's ever been shown there, hopefully she'll catch a few people's eyes and they'll want to come along in June. If she only appeals to perverts that's ok......As a pervert with a cheque book is most welcome at our exhibition, and on that note.....