Creating a piece of work for a greatly missed friend.

For Carol

I found out in December of 2014 that a dear friend of mine had passed away. I'd known Carol since I was 20 and loved her from our first meeting....I have to thank Blue Nun for breaking the ice!!! When I made the move to Somerset from London, Carol was never out of my thoughts. I made sure that I visited her on my trips back to London as I enjoyed her company immeasurably. Over the years Carol always asked me how my art was coming along and always listened to me when I gave her the full low-down on the highs and lows of being me.
When I found out that she had passed away suddenly, I couldn't take it in, to be honest, it still doesn't feel real, but I think that's my way of handling the loss of her.
Creating work about Carol seems like a natural reaction for me. I think 'creating art' is my default setting. It seems natural for me to record/document how I feel about her because she was so lovely and invaluable to me. The piece entitled 'For Carol' will be the first of many dedicated to her.

I'll make you proud of me Carol xxx