Can an Artist become too attached to their artwork?

To sell or not to sell...

I've recently finished a new piece of work entitled 'Background' It's deeply personal to me and touches upon a friendship that used to be incredibly strong and close. It's funny because the actual photograph used to be in a frame on my windowsill in my bedroom where I would look at it every time I opened my bedroom curtains. I have about 8 or so framed photos of my friends on my windowsill but this one is the only one that's faded and I guess it replicates the state of our once tight friendship. I figured there must be something in that and began to explore different ways of making artwork out of that (I think that statement makes me sound really bad - cashing in on my pain, but there you go!!) Anyway, I wanted to use the original photo and began to write down all the feelings that came to me every time I looked at it, man that was a fun time - I was great to be around then...So I eventually came up with what you see in the picture. I free styled some ideas with my Mum who said that by me writing on top of the glass highlights the further distance in the relationship and that taking it physically further away from the photo was a really good idea. I had to pretend I was aware of that and that was exactly why I wrote on top of the glass...My Mum gives me too much credit, I honestly just wanted to try out my window marker.

I think, or I hope that the words in the piece of artwork resonate with people. I think we all have relationships that aren't what they used to be, be it a friendship or a relationship - we can identify with they way things used to be.

I don't know if this piece will ever be for sale, it means a great deal to me. Maybe time will change my mind and I'll exhibit it. Maybe putting it out there will be quite liberating or perhaps I'm aware that if I keep hold of it, in some small way I'm trying to keep hold of the friendship...