My re-introduction into life study classes.

A Whole Lot Of Nakedness

Hmm....Where to start? Well, after freeing up some time I was finally able to attend Dave Clark's Life Drawing class after multiple invitations by the man himself.
I decided to arm myself only with cartridge paper, a few sketching pencils and most importantly my ipod, ha ha. I found one of the trickiest aspects of the morning would be deciding what would be the most appropriate music to listen to whilst sketching two naked people. I started off with Al Green, finding this to be unsuitable I switched to Erasure, this proved even more unsuitable and I finally rested on a selection of hits from Tamla Motown. I went through all of these options before I even looked up at the models. You can see how juvenile my approach was eh?
Anyway, after I got over myself, I began to shake off my reservations, partial credit goes to Edwin Starr's '25 Miles' on my ipod. My first four sketches were terrible, really were, but I finally got it together on the last pose which lasted for an hour. It all flowed pretty well on the paper for me, so I felt good about that attempt. I was painfully aware of being surrounded by infinitely better artists, but towards the end it mattered little to me. The models Dave and Jackie could not have been nicer to me and I left there with a strange desire to return and improve my very rusty technique. Only next time I'll have pre-selected the right music...Maybe Tom Jones' 'You Can Leave Your Hat On'
Yep, I'm still really juvenile aren't I?