It's amazing what you can create with some chicken wire and a Spandex cocktail.

I'm getting weirder as the days go by.....

For some unknown reason I made a giant head out of newspaper the other week and fancied another crack at this kinda work. I really enjoyed making 'Buffalo Bill' and thought about taking this a step further. After a few Spandex cocktails I devised a plan to make a totem pole out of giant heads, you can see why I'm single eh? Ha ha.
So last Sunday while the sun was out I set about making the totem pole in my garden. I made the structure out of the chicken wire and basically covered it with wet newspaper. It stands at about 3ft tall and is still drying off. When it's dry I'll take a photo of it and put it in the New Paintings Gallery.
I have to say I'm loving it, I don't know what it's purpose is, but I think it's great. I'm thinking every home should have one!!!! I have definitely caught the sculpting bug now, and am already preparing my next weird sculpture.