The meeting of two similarly warped minds

Tricky, but we got there in the end didn't we Mr. Nicholls?

What a way to create a painting!!!! I've had the privilege of creating a painting for an absolute LEGEND. It came about in a kinda strange way....Only from a list of a dozen random words.

However with a few phone calls and a fair few laughs, between the two of us we've managed to create a definite 'one-off' custom made painting. There's still a few finer details to include, like some Chinese paper lanterns, but the overall feel of the picture is there. Thankfully we both like it, we're not too sure what it says about our state of mind, but we like it, so there!!!!

If you want to see what two depraved minds can create you can see it in the New Paintings Gallery, bear in mind some work still needs to be done to it. I don't think I need to tell you which one it is, you'll know it straightaway!!!

The Eagle had to go though, didn't it? xxx.